Please administer the following problems to your students. You do not have to do them all at once. Instruct the students to show their work, and collect all their work and solutions. When all students have completed all problems, please respond to the questions here.

1) Add:   533 + 179                                   2) Add:  25 + 103

3) Subtract:   97 – 38                                  4) Subtract:   106 – 21

5) Connie had some marbles. She gave 20 to Juan.

Now she has 25 marbles left. How many marbles

did Connie have to start with?

6) Jill has 28 books. Paul has 15 books.

How many more books does Jill have than Paul?

7) Today there are five more birds in the tree than yesterday.

There are 19 birds in the tree today.

How many birds were in the tree yesterday?

8) The teacher has 12 pencils. She has 21 students in her class.

How many more pencils does she need if she wants to give

one pencil to each student?