Somehow missed this week, so here’s a Cyber Monday problem set courtesy of MathCounts:

This year, Xavier purchased a new gaming system on the first of November for the regular price of $300, plus tax. Lucas purchased the same new gaming system on sale on Black Friday for $250, plus tax. Cloe purchased the same new gaming system on sale on Cyber Monday for $220, plus tax. If Xavier, Lucas and Cloe each received free shipping on their purchase and each paid 5.5% sales tax, what is the total amount the three friends spent on the three new gaming systems?



What was the average amount paid before tax by Xavier, Lucas and Cloe for a new gaming system?

By waiting until Cyber Monday to purchase a new gaming system, Cloe paid the least amount of the three friends. What was Cloe’s percent discount if the gaming system regularly sells for $300? Express your answer to the nearest tenth.